Lieutenant Donnie Pomp is a member of NYPD Internal Affairs and Lieutenant Wozniak's ex-co-conspirator and ex-lover. Pomp was killed by Loman in self-defense after trying to kill Loman and was cremated by an angry Wozniak, who was convinced that he played him and that he set Wozniak up, in the episode "One Last Lie". He is portrayed by Michael Esper.


In "One Last Lie", Donne was at Woz's house when Loman showed up to find him. Loman says that he knows Donnie set up his team. Donnie offers to have him come inside to show him evidence that Woz is dirty and then pulls a gun. The two fight and Donnie pulls a knife off the kitchen counter and comes after Loman. Wozniak comes home to find Donnie dead and Loman sitting over him. Loman and Woz dispose of Donnie’s body at Raoul’s old funeral home. They dispose of Donnie’s body in the crematorium.