"Ghost Hunt" is the third episode in Season 2 of Shades of Blue and the sixteenth episode overall. It premiered on March 19, 2017.


After Wozniak refuses to play ball with the FBI, Stahl turns up the heat on Harlee who lands in the middle of Wozniak's dangerous plan to free himself from the Feds by reeling in a bigger fish. Meanwhile, Internal Affairs Officer Verco applies pressure to each member of the crew to discover what really happened to Donnie Pomp.


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Stahl sends an entire tactical unit to Harlee’s house to arrest her. Angry about Wozniak’s attack on him, Stahl says he wants Harlee to have a front row seat to the arrest of her team. She talks Stahl down and gets him to give her more time to work with Wozniak to turn over Julia Ayres.

Woz’s son, Nate, shows up to pick up his mother’s things but he doesn’t know what happened between them. Turns out Nate is gay.

Stahl visits Miguel’s mother and finds Cristina visiting. He tells her that he’s an attorney that Miguel spoke with about gaining custody of her. Cristina gives him her phone number to let her know if Miguel makes contact.

Cristina is hanging with her teenage cousin on Miguel’s side of the family, who gets her to steal alcohol from a bodega. Cristina gets caught. Harlee gets her off but Cristina still has a bad attitude.

Internal Affairs agent Tom Verco questions everyone on the team, looking for the weak link. He even drug tests Tess who has been taking pain pills for her gunshot wound.

Woz uses a messenger from the heist to track down Linklater. He holds the messenger in the freezer at Murphy’s Bar. When Harlee goes to release him, she finds Verco. The bar owner let the messenger go when Verko showed up but Verco still has questions. He tells Harlee that their weak link told him about the bar.

Woz has Stahl meet him at a warehouse so he can turn over Linklater. Stahl bring Harlee, but he isn’t happy to see Linklater. He didn’t think capturing him was possible. Stahl shoots and kills Linklater and tells Woz and Harlee to get rid of the body. He wants Julia Ayres because she is responsible for the death of his partner.





  • Kristina Reyes as Monica
  • J. Oscar Simmons as Store Clerk

  • Beau Casper Smart as Cal Evans
  • Christian Thom as Barback



Title Artist Scene
"Listen" Claire Guerreso Woz wakes up with the clear realization that Linda is gone and knows he's been have a relationship with another male; Stahl looks over the case fule for his investigation of Harlee, Woz and the crew, retrieves his badge and gun and heads out with the FBI; Harlee asks Cristina about the place she's working on then looks to through her phone and finds a newer text from Miguel; Christina heads out to school.
"Never Be Like You (feat. Kai)" Fume Cristina and Monica stop by a local bodega for snacks before Cristina drops Monica at choir practice which Monica tells her she's skipping so Cristina tells her how lie about her whereabout properly; Monica tells Cristina how their grandmother used to avoid the subject of her and Harlee then asks her steal two 40oz beers for her.