Sofia is a recurring character in Shades of Blue. She is portrayed by Paloma Guzman.


In "Undiscovered Country", Tufo stormed out to find Sofia. Sofia is Sap’s Portuguese tutor/escort friend. He thinks Sap is working with the FBI and that Sofia might be his handler. Tufo tears her place apart, while she pleads that she really is just a call girl. The detective says he’ll be the judge of that. If she’s a good enough lay, he’ll believe she really is just a prostitute. Undaunted by her pleas for mercy and completely willing to rape a woman to get answers, he pins her down and begins to shove off her clothes. When he pulls up her dress, he finds a large bruise covering her thigh. The sight of past abuse seems to shock Tufo out of his rage. He gets off of her and mumbles his excuses: An FBI officer “wouldn’t have to choose between bruises and rent” as he puts it.